About us

Welcome to the official website of the Prishtina Women’s Football Club. At Prishtina WFC, our mission transcends the boundaries of the football pitch—it’s an all-encompassing endeavor to champion gender equality and boost the growth and development of women and girls in the realm of football.

Since our founding in 2019, we’ve been unwavering in our commitment to not only nurture talent but to also create avenues of opportunity within Prishtina and beyond, reaching into the heart of communities across Kosovo.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to unwrapping the gift of football and presenting it to all—championing inclusivity, breaking down barriers, and leveling the field. By collaborating strategically with esteemed municipal leaders, we’ve woven a network of partnerships that provide young female athletes the resources they need to shine, both as individuals and as players.

Our groundbreaking initiatives, like forming the first-ever football team composed of girls with Down syndrome, place us at the vanguard of inclusion and diversity in sports. With the invaluable support from the UEFA Foundation for Children and patronage from her Excellency, President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani Sadriu, we strive to be more than just a club—we are a movement, setting the stage for gender equality and women’s empowerment through football.

Join us as we celebrate inclusivity, tackle society’s barriers, and aim for a level playing field in every sense. Our strategic collaborations with city officials have created a strong partnership network, ensuring that aspiring female athletes receive the support and resources necessary to excel, both on the field and in life.

Pioneering projects, such as launching the inaugural football team for girls with Down syndrome, place WFC Prishtina at the forefront of inclusion and diversity in sports. Bolstered by significant endorsements, including the UEFA Foundation for Children and the esteem of his Excellency, President Vjosa Osmani, we’re not just a sports club, we’re a beacon for gender equality and the empowerment of women through the power of football.

Our Vision

At Prishtina WFC our vision is unwavering and luminous: to firmly establish ourselves as a reference for empowerment, ceaselessly amplifying the cause of women and girls with an enduring spirit and a resonant voice that transcends societal barriers. We envision a future where a girl with a ball underfoot is synonymous with boundless potential, consequential success, and the shattering of predefined norms.

Our ambition extends to serving as the catalyst that sparks a transformative upheaval in the representation of women in decision-making roles within sports. We anticipate and usher in an era where inclusivity is woven into the fabric of our industry. Through pioneering programs supported by an firm commitment, we’re crafting a sports landscape where every girl and young woman can actualize her dreams, both within the football arena and beyond.

Prishtina WFC isn’t merely drafting new chapters in our story — we are re-framing the entire narrative of women’s sports. We envision a legacy of inspiration and engagement that will endure and influence for generations to come.

President of WFC Prishtina
Gjergj Anton Filipaj

WFC Prishtina Board of Directors

  • Driton Hapçiu – Chairman of the Board
  • Xheraldina Vula – Deputy Chair of the Board
  • Flamur Kelmendi – Secretary of the Board
  • Esad Morina – Board Member
  • Shkëndije Himaj – Board Member
  • Miranda Shita – Member of the Board
  • Victor Sole – Board Member
  • Viktor Krasniqi – Board Member
  • Morana Peliković Gruten – Member of the board

Prishtina WFC team of coaches

Suada Jashari
Head Coach

Viona Rexhepi
Goalkeeper coach

Altin Imeri
U11, U13, U17 coach