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Welcome to the official website of the Prishtina Women’s Football Club. At Prishtina WFC, our mission transcends the boundaries of the football pitch—it’s an all-encompassing endeavor to champion gender equality and boost the growth and development of women and girls in the realm of football.

Since our founding in 2019, we’ve been unwavering in our commitment to not only nurture talent but to also create avenues of opportunity within Prishtina and beyond, reaching into the heart of communities across Kosovo.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to unwrapping the gift of football and presenting it to all—championing inclusivity, breaking down barriers, and leveling the field. By collaborating strategically with esteemed municipal leaders, we’ve woven a network of partnerships that provide young female athletes the resources they need to shine, both as individuals and as players.

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Latest News

Shënojmë Ditën Ndërkombëtare të Ujit!

Sot bashkë me senioret e Gjilanit nga KFF Intelektualet, shënojmë Ditën Ndërkombëtare të Ujit! [...]

Shënojmë Ditën Botërore të Sindromës Down…

Një moment për të reflektuar mbi vlerat e diversitetit dhe të përputhshmërisë që sjellin [...]

Sot është një ditë e veçantë për KFV Prishtinën

Fati dhe Bora, dy vajza të mrekullueshme nga kryeqyteti, sot filluan një rrugëtim të [...]


On this special section of the WFC Prishtina website – Partnerships, we present our remarkable collaborations that serve as a foundation to our ongoing journey. The guidance and support from our partners not only boost our sporting performance but more importantly, they underline our commitment to creating an more inclusive, empowered, and sustainable society.