Presidency Support:  An Inclusive Vision with President Vjosa Osmani

Our commitment to gender equality and empowerment in football finds a powerful ally in President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani Sadriu. Honoring her partnership, President Osmani’s engagement has been vital in implementing our gender-sensitive strategies, fostering a nurturing environment for women and girls in football.

Unified goal

Aligning perfectly with our club’s philosophy, President Osmani’s support has enabled us to broaden the horizons of inclusion, particularly within women’s football. Her ardent advocacy for equal opportunities has catalyzed our initiatives, reinforcing our mission to create a level playing field.

Shared success

Through this esteemed partnership, President Osmani’s influence has been fundamental in steering our community-driven projects, thereby expanding Prishtina WFC’s outreach and solidifying our impact throughout the communities of Kosovo.

We are profoundly thankful for President Vjosa Osmani’s steadfast commitment, as we march forward, hand in hand, to stimulate gender equality and cultivate a generation of empowered female athletes.

UEFA Foundation for Children:  Forging Futures Through Football

Our alliance with the UEFA Foundation for Children is a beacon of transformative change, which we proudly feature in our Partners section. This partnership celebrates our mutual dedication to leveraging football as a force for good—standing united to champion gender equality and drive youth empowerment across Kosovo.

Enlightened path

Through the strength of this partnership, Prishtina WFC is set on an enlightened path of growth and empowerment. It is our shared adherence to gender-sensitive programs that empowers us to dismantle barriers, unlocking a world where all possess the key to opportunities in football.

Empowerment in action

A pivotal outcome of our collaboration is the introduction of women’s football teams across various Kosovar municipalities. These teams do more than play—they inspire, they build character, and they epitomize resilience and empowerment for young women in the sport.

A Pioneering step

The creation of the Down Syndrome Kosova Girls team is a landmark initiative that reflects the essence of our commitment to diversity and inclusion within sports. This program stands as a powerful declaration of our philosophy that every individual holds a valuable place both in sports and in society.

Safety as priority

Our work with the UEFA Foundation for Children also addresses the essential aspect of child safety within the sport. By making this a core tenet, we can assure a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for every young dreamer.

An ongoing journey

In concert with the UEFA Foundation for Children, we remain passionately engaged in nurturing a brighter future, weaving dreams into reality for the youth of Kosovo. Our grateful hearts are matched only by our determination to make gender equality and inclusive practices the cornerstone of our legacy.

With each partnership, each program, and every goal scored, we enshrine the values of equality and opportunity deep into the fabric of our community.


Prishtina WFC is delighted to place in the limelight our potent alliance with the UN Kosovo Team, a strategic partnership that has been ingrained in our story from the very start. Donning our first jerseys displaying the name of UN Kosovo Team, every goal we scored then onwards, has been towards magnifying the message of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our partnership with the UN Kosovo Team has been a constant pillar of support, not only giving us a visible identity on the field, but also molding our vision for our team. We carry the spirited values of the UN – human rights, peacebuilding, gender equality, environmental stewardess, water conservation, children’s rights, and universal sports participation onto every match, every tournament, and every social engagement initiative.

Spreading values through football

Acting as forthright champions of the UN Kosovo Team, Prishtina WFC feels the deep-rooted responsibility to propagate these fundamental values by utilizing the universal platform of football. We are not only competing for the title but are also fostering a more inclusive, brighter, and just future for all.

With UN Kosovo Team by our side, we feel self-assured to use football to usher in a positive change in our communities and beyond, while we face every challenge that crosses our path.

MUNICIPALITY OF PRISHTINA: Together, We Kick for Change

Prishtina WFC’s partnership with the Prishtina Municipality is a defining step to elevate women and girls’ participation in football. This dynamic alliance, architected with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), strengthens our shared endeavor to build a robust football community and nurture future champions.

Our synergistic vision for inclusivity, empowerment, and opportunity is the cornerstone of this collaboration. Prishtina WFC’s teamwork expands from grassroots initiatives to elite athlete development programs. Especially, our commitment towards providing free football coaching to aspirants from the early age removes financial impediments that can hinder the pursuit of sporting dreams.

Bolstering sports development within the municipality, the Department of Sports plays a crucial role in our undertaken efforts. Through this partnership, with every goal scored, we strive to manifest our shared vision of an energetic football community, fostering every individual’s opportunity to excel.

MUNICIPALITY OF SHTIME: Pioneering Progress Through Partnership

Further, we shine a spotlight on our collaborative strides with Shtime Municipality that has been instrumental in pioneering the first ever women’s football team in Shtime – thus setting a new benchmark for sporting excellence.

Prishtina WFC’s mission to promote inclusivity, empowerment, and opportunity for women and girls in sports aligns perfectly with Shtime Municipality, and this has provided invaluable support for our cause, including offering a dedicated training field – providing the much-needed infrastructure for free coaching sessions for upcoming female athletes.

Enthused by our collective drive, we utilize football as a transformative tool to overcome barriers, empower young women, and promote gender equality. Through our free training sessions and nurturing environment, we develop not just a future generation of female sports talents, but also foster a culture of inclusivity and empowerment within Shtime Municipality.

The partnership between Prishtina WFC and Shtime Municipality reflects the essence of cooperation and collective action. It is a testament to the profound change that can be instigated when communities unite to champion a shared vision for progress and equal opportunity.

Discover more about our alliances by visiting our Partnerships page today. We invite you to join us in our fulfilling journey of inclusivity, empowerment, and sustainable growth.

Down Syndrome Kosova:  United for Inclusivity

In the esteemed Partners section of our platform, we shine a light on the significant collaboration between Prishtina WFC and Down Syndrome Kosova – a example of shared commitment that illuminates our dedication to inclusivity, support, and empowerment throughout the community.

Our alliance with Down Syndrome Kosova stands firm on a foundational agreement that champions volunteerism and wholehearted community backing for our girls’ football team, setting the stage for a broader, enriching impact. We embrace the vision where every individual is afforded the chance to engage with, and benefit from, the unifying spirit of football.

Breaking New Ground in Sports & Inclusion

A pivotal joint achievement is the creation of the inaugural football team with the girls from Down Syndrome Kosova. This pioneering effort is a testament to our promise to strike down societal barriers and foster diversity and inclusivity on the field. By shining a spotlight on these determined athletes, we celebrate equality, respect, and horizons unbound by traditional limitations.

Collaborative Strides Beyond the Playing Field

Beyond creation of the team, Prishtina WFC and Down Syndrome Kosova join forces in an array of activities designed to promote diversity and inclusion through the lens of our beloved sport. We unite for inclusive training sessions, community events, and tournaments with a heartfelt goal: leveraging the connective power of football to enhance understanding, acceptance, and cohesiveness.

A Vision of Equality and Empowerment

Our bond with Down Syndrome Kosova is a vibrant mosaic of our steadfast resolve to cultivate an all-embracing and equitable society. This allegiance propels us forward towards a horizon where diversity is not just welcomed, but celebrated; where barriers are not just challenged, but removed; and where each individual is acknowledged and celebrated for their distinct strengths and contributions.

Together, Prishtina WFC and Down Syndrome Kosova are crafting a legacy of change, driving forward a future rich with potential and promise, showing the world the truest form of victory – one achieved off the pitch, resonating in hearts, and inspiring minds for generations to come.

Join us on this journey. Discover our stories. Amplify our vision. Together, let’s play for a world where every goal and dream are within reach.